Welcome to our site,  AromaWaters Boutique, a place to find some beautifully designed illuminating glass blocks to add to your home.  These glass blocks can be designed to many different categories.  We have holiday designs, like Christmas, Hanukkah, & Easter, as well as every day, like Spring, baby, beach etc.  If there is something special you would like to see, please don't hesitate to ask.

 We have salt scrubs, sugar scrubs and bath salts in a variety of scents. Just add to your shower or bath for wonderful aromatherapy experience.

We look forward to adding new items such as, lip balms & fizzy salts.

We use natural ingredients such as coconut oil, olive oil & sugar, organic essential oils and coloring which will make your skin feel smooth and soft. 

Our Products 

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 Scrubs & Cubes

Sample pack includes 4 jars; consisting of 2 sugar, 1 salt & 1 cube or

 ​2 salt, 1 sugar & 1 cube for $ 17.00 each.

5 oz. jar:  $ 8.00 each

8oz. jar:   $ 11.00 each

Examples of scents:

Vanilla Mint     Peppermint

Coconut             Lemon

Lemon Lime      Lime

Orange Blossom

Rose Hip           

Tea Tree

Eucalyptus        Lavender

Apple Cinnamon

*Have a favorite scent. let us know and we can make it*

Illuminating Glass       Blocks

Including bow,  lights and adornments:

4 x 8         $25.00 & up

6 x 6         $35.00 & up

8 x 8         $45.00 & up

Have a special event i.e. Graduation, Birthday, Anniversary or would just like certain colors, tell us what you would like, 

place  a special order and will have it to you in no time!